5 Tips For Realtors® Prepping For an Open House

By March 7, 2019 May 2nd, 2019 Realtor Marketing

I hear a lot of negative feedback about the effectiveness of open houses, but it may be the way these clients are approaching them. Are they fully prepared to show the home and demonstrate their knowledge? Because almost every open house visitor is a potential client.

There are 5 main topics of interest for someone visiting an open house.

1) What is the price?

It is easy to rattle off the price, but what if you had comparables with you that you used to establish the asking price. I recommend you make a list of houses in the area in the same price range.

2) How far is it to……? i.e. Schools, shopping, churches, transit, downtown and parks

Be prepared to answer all of these questions. We use Microsoft Streets and Trips to create a map of all of the above items, but you can also print out a map from Google Maps or have it live on your iPad or computer. It would be a good idea to have a list of schools, parks etc to give out.

3) How much are….? i.e Taxes, utilities etc

Make sure you have a current tax report and if the client can tell you what the heating costs are that would help out.

4) Can you tell me about…? Date built, size of lot, how long did the owners live here, why are they moving etc.

Make a list of renovations (improvements) with approximate dates. This list should include brand name appliances, cabinetry, stonework, light fixtures, architectural features, etc.

5) What is the area like?

Have information on the schools in the area, minor league sports teams, community events, the zoning, potential developments, potential improvements in the area.

It is easy to get an aerial view from the website of the city or municipality.

Here is a package of material we prepare for a client for open houses.

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