Benefits of HTML Email Signatures Over An Image

By April 3, 2020June 3rd, 2020Design, Email Stationery, Realtor Marketing

An average employee or business owner sends around 10,000 emails every year!*

That’s 10,000 opportunities to create an impression. Brand every email with your custom HTML Email Signature.

You may be using just an image as your email signature. It looks great and has lots of useful information. Let’s go over the reasons you need an HTML Email Signature rather than simply an image.

  • Stop The Risk Of Your Email Being Spam

Using just an image risks your email going into the recipient’s spam folder because the text/image ratio is too low. There needs to be more text than images as it’s a criteria for spam filters. Are your important emails being ignored? You may be ending up in your client’s spam folder. Stop the madness with an HTML Email Signature!

  • More Than One Link

An image will accommodate only one link. HTML Email Signatures can have multiple clickable links. One link to your website, another to each of your social media profiles, direct links to email you right away or even a link to call you immediately!

  • Scalability

Are your clients viewing your email on their desktop, tablet or phone? You don’t know, nor do you have too, if your email signature is in HTML. It’s scalable!

  • Resolution & Legibility

Nowadays, most emails are read on mobile screens. These screens have incredibly high resolution. The images that look good on your desktop will appear blurry on most mobile devices. HTML Email Signatures mean the important information is presented as text so it’s always legible, no matter what the device!

  • Customizable

Limelight offers Email Signature templates to choose from which will be customized to your information and branding.

  • Always Be Seen

Some email services do not support images. Also, some users block images to save on data fees. If your signature is one big image, you are losing out on a potential client. Have your information always be legible with an HTML e-Signature.

The bottom line is having a branded look will give you confidence and be the cornerstone for all of your marketing moving forward.

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