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Direct Mail Postcards for Realtors

Direct Mail Postcards for Realtors

Direct mail is the oldest form of direct marketing and has endured and prospered in spite of the advent of the internet and email. No other form of direct marketing makes the same impression on customers as a targeted, well-designed direct mail piece.

Does it work? Think back to the last time you wanted to replace your roof or thought your car needed an oil change. Did you find yourself more attentive to the “junk mail” in hopes of finding a service provider? Maybe a discount coupon you could use? It is the same with real estate direct mail. If 7% of people move each year and you mail 1,000 pieces then 70 recipients are hyper-sensitive to real estate direct mail in their search for a Realtor.

A study* some years ago from the U.S. Postal Service showed that when customers are retrieving and reading their mail – a period of time known as “the mail moment” – they are highly focused and attentive to the contents of their mail. This daily ritual provides a unique opportunity for Realtors to get their messages read. A direct mail piece with personalization and colour makes it a high-impact form of direct marketing, helping you take advantage of the “mail moment” and spur customers into action.