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Innovative New Buyer-Centric Website For

I have visited thousands of website in the last 18 years and I think is the first buyer-centric website, at least in Canada. Yes, a website designed to attract buyers. If this is the only website targeting buyers there is little or no competition. As Realtors® you know the pros and cons of working with sellers and buyers and there are fewer Realtors® wanting to work with buyers than sellers, but the Walker Ottawa team see things a bit differently. Click here to view the live website.

The concept was to make it as easy as possible for a buyer to drill down to the home, condo or townhouse of their dreams.

On the Home Page you have three choices. Are you looking for a house, townhouses or condo? That’s it!

We will showcase the route a house buyer will follow as the townhouse and condo pages are virtually the same as the house pages.

Pretend you are a buyer and you clicked on House. This is the page you will see. You then have 5 options; search by main area, drill down to neighbourhoods in main areas, search by price, number of bedrooms and even search homes with swimming pools.

If you click on Search By Main Areas you will see the page on the right and you can choose Orleans, Kanata, South Ottawa, East Ottawa, West Ottawa or Central Ottawa.


When you click on a Main Area all of the neighbourhoods are displayed, but if you are not sure which one you have the option to view all of the houses for sale in the main area.

If you click on Search by Neighbourhood, you probably have a neighbourhood in mind through local knowledge so you know to click on the Main Area that it is in. Let’s say you click on East Ottawa. The page on the right shows all of the individual neighbourhoods and you can see the option to view all houses at the top.

If you click on Search By Price, you pick a Main Area and the page on the right displays all of the price ranges.

If the number of bedrooms is your key criteria click on Number of Bedrooms and the options will be displayed on the right.

And if you have an emerging Olympic swimmer in the family or just want a respite from the heat you can find Houses With Swimming Pools for sale.