Realtor Marketing Mind Map

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If you are a Realtor you already have an idea of the scope of your marketing activities, but this infographic puts your marketing activities in perspective. Click here for a pdf version of the Limelight Realtor Marketing Activities Mind Map.

The key marketing activities for a Realtor are generally:

  1. Open Houses
  2. Retaining Client
  3. Dealing with Referrals
  4. Prospecting
  5. Promoting Your Brand
  6. Business Planning
  7. Productivity
  8. Listing Presentations

But it is all of the related marketing activities where you can get bogged down and that is where Limelight Marketing can help. Just look at all of the elements of Prospecting from Newsletters to Direct Mail to Open Houses to name a few.  Limelight Marketing offers a wide range of Realtor Marketing Services from Direct Mail design and implementation to Open House packages and Newsletter Design and Writing. Check out all of our services by clicking here.

Realtor Prospecting Mind Map

Realtor Prospecting Mind Map


Top 10 Website, SEO and Social Media Mistakes To Avoid

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Website marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media marketing are a fact of life and a source of frustration to small business owners. Without enough knowledge or time to spend on these areas it is sometimes easier to take the easy route or hire the first person you come in contact with. Do so at your peril as these three areas are the keys to your online success!

So what are the top 10 Website, SEO and Social Media Mistakes To Avoid?

  1. Letting an amateur optimize your website 
    Would you let the next door neighbor’s teenage son taking an auto mechanic course in high school fix the brakes on your family car? Then why would you let an amateur optimize your website? You only get one chance to add the most descriptive, keyword Page Titles and Descriptions that Google will use in part to rank your website so turn to an expert. They will research  the keywords people use to find your business and service and use them correctly to optimize your website. (…read more)
  2. Buying links
    While this was popular a few years ago, recent Google algorithm changes actually punish websites that have unnatural links coming in to your website. If the link is not from a legitimate, known source such as a supplier or customer then turn it away. Better yet go through all  your link and make sure they are legitimate.
  3. Letting the intern handle your Social Media
    Who knows more about your business and clients than someone who has never worked in your business? Everybody, but the intern! Your Social Media is is critical to your brand that it should be handled by an experienced marketing person or company. You need to plan your social media strategy and implement it professionally. An intern is a great resource and can manage the posts etc, but let the propfessionals do what they do best. (…read more)
  4. Buying content
    See Buying links above. The only content that should go on your website is content related to you, your product or your service. If it is not related to your business and helpful to the visitor it will not contribute to your search engine success. If the content you buy shows up on dozens of other websites it will actually penalize your rankings from what we have read.
  5. Emailing the same thing to everyone rather than segmenting
    It is rare for every customer of yours to be at the same stage of their relationship with your company or have the same interests. Look at your database and at least differentiate between prospects and clients and email appropriate information. If you are a Realtor segment between buyers and sellers.
  6. Buying Likes
    When you were 5 years old having someone like you was important. You would invite them over for dinner or share a treat with them so they would like you, but buying likes for a Facebook page is akin to leaving your phone number on a bathroom wall. If the people “liking” your page are not interested in your product or service then you will never know how many people are really interested in what you have to say. Post good information and people will like you for who you are and you will always know how many prospects you are reaching.
  7. Falling for SEO Claims to get your website on page 1
    Do you really believe someone when they make a claim they can get your website on page 1? Do you really think the Google algorithm with a reported 185 elements that no one knows about can be tricked by the guy who emails you or calls you randomly? Would Google jeopardize the multi-billion dollar search business by letting inferior websites on page 1 of a Google search? The short answer is not in a million years. We do make claims that with our knowledge of “white hat” tactics and lots of hard work your website can get on page 1 for specific search terms over time, but no one can “guarantee” page 1. The flip side is if you do nothing we can guarantee you won’t be on page 1. (…read more)
  8. Getting Likes using animal photos
    See Buying Links and Buying Content above. Visitors who “like” your Facebook page because you add cute kitten photos are there for the photos and not your brand, product or service. It does not hurt to mix up your content, but you want people to “like” your page because it is informative, entertaining and interesting.
  9. Submitting links and articles to bogus directories
    This went out with bell bottoms, but people still flog the idea that they can post a new release on 200 “legitimate” new release sites which will create 200 links back to you and is as harmful to your website rankings as Buying Links and Buying Content above. Do not let anyone do this on your behalf.
  10. Setting up E-Commerce on a global platform like Amazon instead of a more targeted platform
    If you have a local or regional product and you want to make it easy for people to buy it find an E-Commerce platform that makes it easy for people to buy online. Adding a single sku to Amazon and expecting people to navigate through all of the ancillary crap on the website is a recipe for abandoned shopping carts.

I did not start this list to slag every SEO technique or vilify legitimate companies or individuals starting in the business, but like I said in the opening paragraph your website, optimization techniques and Social Media strategy are the key to your future so avoid these mistakes.

For more information please call us at 800-568-8338.


What Should Be in Your Listing Presentation?

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What goes into a listing presentation is often a personal preference. However, most Realtors start with a canned listing presentation provided by their company. Look at your listing presentation and count how many pages are about you vs the client and the sale of their home. If more than 25% is about you then read on, everything else is clouding the picture of what they want to see.

Your listing presentation should reflect your experience in selling homes, creating a marketing plan, designing collateral material to sell a home and the ability to negotiate and ensure a seamless sale. A seller is looking for someone who can sell houses.

What should be in your listing presentation?

First thing to remember is what the seller is thinking as you are presenting:

  • How much are you going to sell my house for?
  • When will you sell it?
  • When do I get my money?

Here is the table of contents that I recommend for a seller-centric listing presentation:

  • A nice looking personalized cover with the vendors name and your contact information
  • A one page About Us
  • A one page About Our Company (if it is a brand with impact)
  • Comparative Market Analysis – With your comparison listings behind
  • Tax Records and any past MLS Listings for the property
  • Marketing Plan for their home – Calendar of events related to listing and selling their home
  • Commission chart handout (optional)
  • Listing Contract Paperwork
  • Testimonials
  • Preparation For Showing
  • Home Selling Process
  • Frequently Asked Questions – Pose the questions that you want them to read an acknowledge like What can we do to improve the appearance of our house? What is home staging and how will it help sell our house? Where Do Buyers Come From?

Pages to delete in your current listing presentation:

  • Who We Are
  • Our Mission Statement
  • Our Value Statement
  • Our Vision
  • Our Story
  • Our Team
  • What makes us different
  • Our Services
  • Our Pledge
  • Why You Should List With Us
  • What You Should Expect From Us

If you are interested in an effective listing presentation that sets you apart from other Realtors please call us at 604-618-5512 or toll free 800-568-8338 or contact us by clicking here.

Real Estate Landing Pages For Direct Mail

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Do you want a way to capture leads from potential sellers? Use a Landing Page.

When you send direct mail out or have a newspaper ad do you ever wonder if anyone is responding? What if you had a Call to Action asking if they are interested in knowing what their home is worth and they could go to a webpage like and that page has:

  1. Your branding
  2. Content about your home evaluation methodology
  3. A Contact Form

Well now you can.

We have launched a new website with Lead Capture pages for any area in North America which you can register for your exclusive use for the period you contract for and all leads that are generated go directly to you. We will take care of all of the branding and provide stats on total visitors to the page. All you have to do is advertise the link on all of your:

  • marketing material
  • direct mail pieces
  • open house flyers
  • collateral marketing material
  • newspaper ads
  • and other advertising mediums

When they visit your landing page it will have a heading like:


Receive an Accurate Assessment of the Value of Your Home

Fill out the form below to receive a personalized report of the current value of your home.

Your photo, branding and Social Media links will be clearly displayed and we can add other links to your website (within reason). The form is short and simple to complete encouraging potential sellers they can trust you with their information.

Fee Schedule For Landing Pages

  • The monthly fee per area is $29.00 with a 3 month minimum contract. One area x $29.00 x 3 months = $87.00 / quarter
  • If you buy 3 areas there is a 15% discount. Three areas x $29.00 x 3 months – 15% discount = $221.85 / quarter
  • An annual subscription for one area is $299.00. A savings of $49.00.
  • An annual subscription for three areas is $762.45. A savings of $124.95 compared to option 2 above paid quarterly.

What Are The Alternatives to a Limelight Landing Page?

If you could identify a great domain name and buy it you can add and hide a Landing Page on your own website, but domain names are hard to find and setting up a Landing Page takes time an money. Let us do the work, the marketing and the tracking.

Do Landing Pages work?
The payback will be proportional to the number of people exposed to the link so if you subscribe it should be in concert with a plan to advertise the link. We will also optimize your page and hopefully attract visitors too. After 3 months you can choose to renew or cancel, but you will have the satisfaction of having tried a proven method of building a database of sellers and tracking your success.

WordPress Blog For Model Jessica Gomes

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We recently completed a new WordPress blog for seven time Sports Illustrated model Jessica Gomes. Titled Jess Off Duty, Jessica asked us to create a platform for sharing her personal styles, showcasing her daily outfit ideas, and keeping people up to date with her travel, work and interests.

Originally from Perth, Australia, Jessica Gomes is quickly becoming one of modeling’s biggest international faces. Working extensively in Australia and Asia, Gomes has strong followings in Korea, Australia and North America. Gomes has appeared in the 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 editions of the Swimsuit Issue of the American Publication Sports Illustrated and will be in the magazine again in 2014. In 2008, Gomes had surpassed all models of Asian heritage appearing in the Swimsuit Issue.

In March 2013, Gomes was announced as the fashion ambassador for Australian retail giant David Jones Limited, replacing Miranda Kerr. In July 2013, she debuted for Jones on the runway.


Canadian Media Spending in 2013

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2013 Media Spending in Canada: An Infographic


Canadian Media Spending

Canadian small to medium businesses (SMB) are slowly changing their media spending according to a report from the Yellow Pages Group. While traditional media such as print directories will be around for a long time, digital platforms are inevitably taking over.

The average investment in online media amongst the SMB owners who advertise stands at 37% of their advertising budget.

Realtors Add a Marketing Page to Your Website

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When a potential seller is evaluating a Realtor they will visit your website and “check you out”. This is the best opportunity to set yourself apart from other Realtors.

As part of the selection process they will read your testimonials so make sure they are easy to find. They will look at how many listings you have and possible your Solds to see if you have any success in their area and price range. But if you really want to set yourself apart you should have a marketing page with images of all of the collateral marketing material you will use to sell their home, samples of videos and even signage. Nothing impresses a vendor more than seeing their home in the spotlight.

Here are 4 examples of marketing pages we have created for clients.

More Effective Direct Mail? Make It Lumpy!

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I am a fan of “lumpy” direct mail as long as it is part of at least a 12 month contact strategy. Lumpy mail is something three dimensional and mailed in an envelope that can be used every 3rd or 4th mailing; not every time. The photo above is an example or lumpy direct mail that I received in the mail the other day. It is from a pen company. They used an over sized envelope, had fake handwriting and it had a pen in it. The “Word of Advice” was intriguing and the order form was personalized and I did not need a credit card. A perfect lumpy direct mail piece.

The whole idea of mailing your sphere of influence is the 4 R’s:

  1. Reactivate dormant clients
  2. Retain clients
  3. Build Referrals
  4. Build repeat business

What kind of lumpy mail?

  • Postcards with restaurant directories (add a plastic fork)
  • Memo pads
  • Personal memo pads (with their name on it)
  • Carry All Tote Clip
  • Keychains
  • Calendars
  • Newsletters (add a plastic monopoly house)
  • Market Updates (add a pen)
  • Magnifier (rectangular credit card size)
  • Area map (free from City Hall or Visitor’s Bureau sometimes)
  • Tickets to an event
  • Keychain token for unlocking grocery carts
  • 9 volt battery for smoke detectors (check with the post office first)

You get the idea. People appreciate the time and effort you put into the mailing and the next time someone mentions real estate or your industry, BAM, your name comes to mind.

Ubertor Mobile Websites

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More and more of your clients are using mobile devices to search for you with most real estate websites averaging about 30% of their visits from mobile devices. What are your clients and prospects seeing?

Limelight Marketing is a leader in the development of mobile websites for the Ubertor platform. We have developed more than 100 mobile websites for Ubertor users in the past year.

We offer two packages:

  1. Standard design to match your existing Ubertor website color
  2. Custom design to make your Ubertor mobile website stand out and reflect your branding.

Ubertor Mobile Website Before and After

Ashley Nielsen Old Ubertor Mobile Website

Original Ubertor Mobile Website

Ashley Nielsen New Custom Mobile Website

Custom Ubertor Mobile Website


Ubertor Mobile Website Pricing

Standard Mobile Website

$ 99

Per Month
  • Choose from a wide variety of colors
  • Uses a standard template
  • Provide your company logo
  • Provide your photos
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Custom Mobile WebsiteMost Popular

$ 149

Per Month
  • Choose from a wide variety of colors
  • Custom layout
  • Provide your company logo
  • Provide your photos
  • Provide any other branding files
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Real Estate Marketing Strategies – A Six Step Process

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Real Estate Marketing Strategies

A Six Step Marketing Process for Realtors

Whether you’re opening a new office, planning to expand, or just looking for a way to improve your current marketing, this systematic approach is a good place to start.

1. Analyze your current situation. What is your current market position? How does that compare to your competitors’ position? What are you doing to set yourself apart?

2. Identify your target market. What characteristics do many of your clients share? For example, what is the income range of the buyer group you usually serve? In what ways, if any, do you want to alter your marketing approach to reach buyers in another price range?

3. Select objectives and strategies. What objectives do you need to meet to fulfill your vision and achieve the market position you want?

4. Determine position strategies. How can you differentiate yourself from your competition in the perception of prospects?

5. Decide how to use the Marketing Mix to gain a USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Which of the 4Ps will you use to achieve your objectives?
The 4Ps are:

  • Product (or Service). Professional photography, a video open house, setting up staging, or a unique property brochure are all great offerings.
  • Place. Do you live in the neighborhood you’re targeting? Have you been a lifelong resident of the area?
  • Price.
  • Promotion. How does your marketing set you apart from competitors? Does your website get 5,000 hits a month? Do you send just listed flyers to residents in the area. Do you have an active Social Media or strong neighbourhood presence? A strong marketing program is key in good promotion.

6. Establish mechanisms for tracking results or the market. How are individual promotions working? Is the overall marketing strategy enabling you to reach your goals?

All Realtors come to us looking for more leads. Never an overnight process, active lead generation requires consistency and a strategy. I recommend my clients to make a Business Plan for the year. This includes Sales Goals, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Budget, Brand Identity and Client Retention.

1. Sales Goals

Having a target number of closes is a great way to stay motivated. Make a reminder in your office to remind you daily and keep you on track.

2. Marketing Strategy

Is your website modern and well structured? Don’t underestimate the power of Google. Although most of your clients come through relationship building, the internet is an unlimited tool for lead generation. Having optimized listings that are on Page 1 will bring more buyers to your site. Build rapport with a website that sets you apart.

Is your listing presentation well designed, and concise? Get your message across clearly with a good representation of your marketing materials.

Direct Mail is still relevant, although I would not recommend it to be your primary investment. The major benefit is Brand Recognition. If you have a small target area, then sending quarterly updates builds trust and will make your name remembered.

Email marketing is invaluable and should be a cornerstone in your strategy. Send new listings and market updates to the leads acquired from your website. Email newsletters will also direct traffic to your website, benefiting your search ranking.

Has your site been optimized for search engines? We often have Realtors come to us after working with another company wondering why they are on page 10 on Google. When you pay for site design, SEO is often not included. Adding custom page titles and descriptions to every page is essential to improving your ranking.

3. Marketing Budget

How much are you willing to budget on marketing every month? Will it be a percentage of every sale?

4. Brand Identity

Keep your brand fresh and consistent across all mediums. Social Media, Email Stationary, Marketing Materials etc.

5. Client Retention

Keep an address and email list of past clients and contact them regularly with a personal letter. Set yourself apart by sending something personal like a small gift card or redeemable voucher at a local cafe.

We have experience in the real estate industry for more than decade. Marketing top tier producing Agents across North America has allowed us to become second to none. We are strategically bold and have a fresh and forward thinking approach. We will help you get the market response you are looking for with a strong Marketing Plan. Marketing is an investment in your business and your success.

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