Realtor® Postcard Marketing Ideas – Adding a Bit of Humour

It’s no secret that I believe that not every postcard needs to be straight to the point and full of boring real estate information. Why don’t you mix it up a bit and add some humour? When sending out a fun postcard it must accomplish 4 things:

  1. It grabs the reader’s attention
  2. It gets them talking
  3. It makes them laugh or smile
  4. It gets saved on the refrigerator for weeks

To do this you have to find the right picture for the right headline and that is not always easy.

Here are few samples of postcards that I have created in the past. All of the postcards are in their concept stage only and are not the actual finished product I would provide a client. Many thanks to Inmagine, a stock photography company for the images. (My apologies to any other postcard designer that has used the same headline, but there are only so many good ones out there.)