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Responsive Websites for Realtors

On April 21, 2015 Google went public with a change to their algorithm that sent website users into a panic. As of this date it was reported mobile-friendly websites would rank better than non-mobile optimized websites.

According to MOZ a leading source of Google algorithm information “In a rare move, Google pre-announced an algorithm update, telling us that mobile rankings would differ for mobile-friendly sites starting on April 21st. The impact of this update was, in the short-term, much smaller than expected, and our data showed that algorithm flux peaked on April 22nd.”

Regardless, Realtor websites are viewed more often on mobile devices than many industries so a responsive design that renders perfectly on iPads, iPhones and other hand held devices will give a Realtor an advantage.

Since that date Limelight Marketing exclusively designs and publishes Responsive designs using the Ubertor CMS.