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Top Branding Tips for Realtors®

By June 7, 2020June 11th, 2020Branding, Marketing Strategy, Realtor Marketing

How to uncover the unique brand that sets you apart from all the other honest, hard-working, professional, results-oriented Realtors® out there.


Even if you have never spent a penny on branding you are a brand already.

There’s a lot of confusion about the term “branding.” This list comes from What Language are We Speaking? Understanding the Day-To-Day Jargon of Designers & Printers, care of Unisource Canada, Inc.

A brand promises a result and experience you can count on.

A Brand is intangible – It is the meaning or feelings you associate with a service, company or product. If five people are asked to describe a well-known brand, you may get different descriptions; however, there will be similarities. These similarities are the brand, and they are very powerful.

A Brand is not a logo – A logo only identifies the brand; it is an entry point.

A Brand is not an identity system – An identity system only controls the expression of the brand. Identity systems (often called branding systems) are created to express the brand in a consistent and cost-effective way.

A Brand is not a product – Many people talk about managing their brand, but they really are managing their product. The brand is often the reason we buy the product. People, corporations and countries can have brands.


There are five things you need to identify to form your brand.

1) Identify What You Value
Your personal brand is ultimately a reflection of everything you value. So take time to really think about the things you value in your life. List them. Make sure the values you identify are truly your own because you must believe in and live by them every day. These values will become the foundation for your brand, as well as your personal mission statement.

2) Identify What Makes You Unique
With your values as your foundation, the next step is to determine your specific uniqueness. Everyone is unique and special in some way. How are you different as an individual? How are you unique? And how are your products and services different? Incorporate this uniqueness into your brand.

3) Identify How You Want To Be Perceived
Branding is about other people’s perceptions of you. You have the power to control most of these perceptions with your actions and presentation.

4) Identify Your Specialty
Are you the neighbourhood expert? Are you an experienced real estate investor? If you want to be branded as the best value-added salesperson, then you have to bring extra value to every client or prospect meeting.

5) Identify Your Target Market
The goal of branding is to build customer loyalty. As you’re creating your brand, you need to determine your target market and speak directly to them. You want people to think that your brand will make a difference in their lives, so it must be meaningful to the end-user.

Now Write Down Your Brand – Once you have identified the things that make you unique, you can weave them into a brand identity that will make you stand out from the crowd. You have to actually write the statement. A brand is a phrase that jumps out at you from the page and grabs your emotions.

By branding yourself, you separate yourself from the crowd and create a greater impact – for you.

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