Real Estate Lead Generation Landing Pages

home-evaluation-smWhen you send direct mail out or have a newspaper ad do you ever wonder if anyone is responding?

What if you had a Call to Action asking if they are interested in knowing what their home is worth and they could go to a webpage like and that page has:
o Your branding
o Content about your home evaluation methodology
o A Contact Form

Well now you can.

We have launched a new website with Lead Capture pages for any area in North America which you can register for your exclusive use for the period you contract for and all leads that are generated go directly to you. We will take care of all of the branding and provide stats on total visitors to the page. All you have to do is advertise the link on all of your:

  • marketing material
  • direct mail pieces
  • open house flyers
  • collateral marketing material
  • newspaper ads
  • and other advertising mediums

When they visit your landing page it will have a heading like:

Receive an Accurate Assessment of the Value of Your Home

Fill out the form below to receive a personalized report of the current value of your home.

Your photo, branding and Social Media links will be clearly displayed and we can add other links to your website (within reason). The form is short and simple to complete encouraging potential sellers they can trust you with their information.

Fee Schedule For Landing Pages

  • The monthly fee per area is $29.00 with a 3 month minimum contract. One area x $29.00 x 3 months = $87.00 / quarter
  • If you buy 3 areas there is a 15% discount. Three areas x $29.00 x 3 months – 15% discount = $221.85 / quarter
  • An annual subscription for one area is $299.00. A savings of $49.00.
  • An annual subscription for three areas is $762.45. A savings of $124.95 compared to option 2 above paid quarterly.

What Are The Alternatives to a Limelight Landing Page?

If you could identify a great domain name and buy it you can add and hide a Landing Page on your own website, but domain names are hard to find and setting up a Landing Page takes time an money. Let us do the work, the marketing and the tracking.

Do Landing Pages work?
The payback will be proportional to the number of people exposed to the link so if you subscribe it should be in concert with a plan to advertise the link. We will also optimize your page and hopefully attract visitors too. After 3 months you can choose to renew or cancel, but you will have the satisfaction of having tried a proven method of building a database of sellers and tracking your success.

Example 1


Example 2

afreehomeevaluation_com_north-vancouver-condos* Call for more details.

Launch Website

WebsitePackage Includes

$ 29.00*

Per Month*
  • Custom Domain Name
  • Custom Banner
  • Custom form
  • Apple iPad/iPhone Compatible
  • Optimized for search engines
  • Social sharing via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
  • Google Analytics to track statistics
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