Single Property Listing Real Estate Website

A unique, customized single property listing website using the Ubertor platform dedicated to a single listing address enabling you to display a property that is for sale and put it in the spotlight.

Every property has a personality that a single property website can spotlight. With all of the search sites available, homes and properties get grouped with other listings and they get lost in the mix. In today’s media rich world every property for sale deserves its very own website.

Single Property Websites are the best way to showcase a home as you have the undivided attention of the buyer.Ā  Our single property websites feature:

  • Custom Banner
  • Huge high definition photos
  • Photo Slideshow with Captions
  • Pages for videos and or virtual tours
  • Community and area information
  • Floor Plans as pdfs and images
  • Google Maps and Streetview
  • Colour Feature Sheet that visitors can print off
  • Unlimited Property Description Text
  • Apple iPad/iPhone Compatible
  • Fully optimized for search engines
  • Social sharing via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
  • Google Analytics to track statistics
  • Open House Announcements
  • Integrated blog
  • 4 months of hosting then $20.00 per month

We will customize the graphics, the menu, the pages to showcase your listing.


Who purchases and owns the domain name?

To save you time we will purchase the domain name which will be the listing address. If you already own the domain we will simply point that domain to the listing website.

How long is the single listing website active for?

The fee includes 6 months of hosting. After 6 months the monthly fee is $25.00. All sites are cancelled when the listing is sold unless you instruct us otherwise. You may want to keep it live and refer prospects to it.

How will prospective buyers find my single listing website?

Ideally we will create the website and launch it before the listing is on the MLS which will greatly improve your search results. Regardless every page will be optimized with key search terms, your site map will be submitted to Google Webmasters and we will blog about the site to improve search engine results.

You should also advertise the website on your main website, direct mail and in any newspaper ads.

Will I receive updates on visitors to the website?

We will set up a weekly email from Google Analytics to keep you informed.

What if I have an open house or need to change information?

Simply email us the open house date and time or any new information and we will add it to the website?

What do I need to do to get the single property website under way?

Provide floor plans, photos, property description and video for the listing as they become available. We can glean information off of the MLS to get the website under way. We will probably need a photo of you and any branding you can provide. After that we do the rest.

We will also need a credit card for payment.

* Introductory offer for a limited time

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WebsitePackage Includes

$ 279*


  • Top level domain name – i.e. 1234 Main Street
  • Detailed Property information
  • Up to 40 huge, high definition listing photos
  • Photo Slideshow with Captions
  • Floorplan pdf and image
  • Page for video and or virtual tours
  • Google Map and Streetview
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Mobile version included
  • 1 page colour flyer visitors can print off
  • Code for posting to Craigslist
  • Apple iPad/iPhone Compatible
  • Social sharing via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
  • Google Analytics to track statistics
  • Open House Announcements

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