That is what we do! From concept and strategy to execution and delivery, creating visibility for you and your homes is all we’ve done for over a decade. Marketing is an investment in your business, your brand and your success.

We delight in making you shine. Our in-depth expertise, passion for excellence, and exceptional customer service are the foundation of our business.

You are different than other clients out there. Your marketing materials should reflect that. Working with you, we create support materials that set you apart, keep your name remembered and bring you more business. Check out our Branding and Collateral Marketing Materials brochure for samples. CLICK HERE!

Our experienced team of marketing professionals, copywriters and graphic designers are dedicated to providing you with the very best materials.  We can do whatever you need, when you need it – from a simple postcard  mailing to developing an entire marketing campaign. Our unique full-service marketing approach will make you feel as if you have an entire marketing department at your disposal.

Whether you are an established agent or looking to become a market leader, we can create winning marketing strategies that not only help you sell homes but sell yourself. Known for our expertise in the luxury real estate market and our custom marketing materials, we offer the fastest turnaround and most personalized service in the industry.

Our mission is clear; to provide you with the very best service and superior materials that will make you shine – our in-house team of strategic thinkers and creative minds brings passion and energy to every project.

We specialize in creating distinctive pieces that set you apart from the run of the mill, that keep your name remembered. More than creating custom designs, we will help you develop your marketing message and a strategy to create improved visibility. We have helped grow the businesses of Realtors® throughout North America.  We can get the work done when others cannot.

Custom Ubertor Websites

We create ideas that combine design, technology and communication. Your site should be polished, easy to navigate and complement your marketing strategies. Meaningful organization of visual and written information goes a long way in conveying the professionalism of a company.

Direct Mail Design

You are different than other Realtors out there. Your marketing materials should reflect that. Working with you, we create direct mail materials that set you apart, keep your name remembered and bring you more business. Our unique full-service marketing approach will make you feel as if you have an entire marketing department at your disposal.

Open House Marketing

There are not many businesses where qualified, motivated buyers are walking in to see you and your product. Professional marketing materials help showcase your listing, but they are also useful to demonstrate to prospective sellers that your marketing stands out among all other Realtors they have met at open houses. We can make you and your brand stand out and become the obvious choice for sellers.

  • Open House Detail Package (Everything a buyer needs to know)
  • Personalized Colouring Pages (to keep kids busy and spread your brand)
  • Neighbourhood Open House Invitation (Pre-public showing for neighbours only)
  • Listing Brochure Design (Letter size or 11″x17″ 4 page format )
  • Listing Maps (Re-usable format)
  • Open House door hangers

Listing Optimization

How does your vendor feel if they Google their address and they can’t find the listing on your website on page 1? If you list a home and you are wondering why buyers aren’t calling you is it because they aren’t seeing your listing on page 1 and they are calling another Realtor? That means your chance of double-ending your listing is reduced dramatically and the vendor will wonder why their listing is on page 10 on your website.

We offer a comprehensive service to Ubertor website users that all but guarantees your listings will appear on page 1 of a Google search. Click here for more information about our Listing Optimization Service.


Keeping top of mind with your clients, friends and prospects is the key to building your repeat and referral business. We create old-fashioned printed newsletters you can mail to your clients and we also create branded, electronic newsletter services such as MailChimp, iContact and Constant Contact.

Our services include creating unique headers and layout, importing your contacts, writing original content, adding listings or solds and sending out newsletters on your behalf on a regular schedule.

Prospecting Tools

Finding new prospects is a full time job. While most Realtors® plan on about 80% of their business to come from repeat and referral business a successful Realtor needs to constantly add new people to their sphere of influence to grow their business.  Following are some of the products and programs we offer:

  • Prospecting Tool Kit (System to identify and follow-up on prospects)
  • Telephone Script (Personalized script for prospecting for new listings)
  • Farm Area Development Program (Identification of farm area and 12 month strategy)
  • Niche Marketing Program (Identification of niche and 12 month strategy)
  • Market Update Letter with market analysis (Personalized, unique market analysis)
  • Prospect follow-up letter (Thank you and call to action)
  • Email HTML Marketing Program (HTML email template to differentiate your emails)
  • Bi-monthly farming post card program
  • Client and Prospect Acknowledgement Program
  • Home Buyer’s Seminar (Complete package of content and program)
  • Renter Program (Mail out to renters encouraging them to buy)

Client Retention Tools

Retaining clients is the key to the success of your real estate business. They are a source of repeat business and referrals. We offer a number of services to help you retain clients.

  • Request for testimonial letters
  • Client post-sale survey
  • Closing Gift Program
  • Buyer Open House Hosting (Post sale open house for 24 friends)
  • Client Retention Program (Bi-monthly contact system)
  • Client Contact Program (Birthday, holiday etc)

Listing Tools

There are two parts of a listing; presenting at the listing appointment and marketing the listing after you get it. We can provide marketing materials to help at the listing presentation and marketing the listing. Our listing and  collateral marketing materials include the following.

  • Listing Presentation Package (8 – 12 page personalized  listing presentation)
  • Objection Handling Scripts
  • Listing Photo Package (Contacts and techniques for effective photo presentation)
  • Personal Home Marketing Program (To be included in listing presentation above)
  • Just Listed Postcard (Creative and design)
  • Competitive Market Analysis Package (Personalized format)
  • Feature Sheets
  • Aerial views

Listing Presentation

Without a winning listing presentation you are risking losing listings. We can design a listing presentation that makes you stand out among your competitors.

  • Listing Presentation Package (8 – 16 page personalized  listing presentation)
  • Branded divider sheets for Active Listings, Expireds etc
  • Assistance in personalizing it for a specific listing

Click here for more information about our Listing Presentations

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