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MD Tattoo Studio – Before and After

We are thrilled with how this new website turned out for MD Tattoo Studio located in Los Angeles, CA. The principal, Mike DeVries saw one our website designs for Meche Salon, also in Los Angeles and he knew it would be perfect for his business! See below for an image of the home page. It is much cooler live!

Since 2008, MD Tattoo Studio has been known as not only one of the best tattoo shops in Los Angeles, but as a global leader in the tattoo world. Located in Northridge, California, Mike and his team are professionals who are passionate about providing an excellent tattoo experience for each and every client that comes into the shop. MD Tattoo Studio takes pride in having a team of hand-selected, top-tier, diverse artists who can create quality tattoos in a comfortable tattoo shop atmosphere. Most days you can find owner Mike DeVries on the floor, working alongside the shop team. At MD Tattoo Studio, we want your experience in the shop to be remembered forever, in the same way that you reminisce about your inked treasures. If you’re seeking a new tattoo, you’ve come to the right place!