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Over the past 18 years, Limelight Marketing has designed more than 500 websites using the Ubertor and WordPress CMS platforms. Wanna know more?

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Check Out Our New WordPress Site Maintenance Service

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Now that we have more than 50 clients using WordPress websites it is time to offer a formal monthly support service. We have been providing many of the following services at no charge, but the amount of time to monitor all of the sites is starting to cut into our regular business so we  are introducing a WordPress support service for our clients that will formalize the services and provide better access to Limelight.

Our new WordPress Site Maintenance Service includes the following services:

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10 Reasons To Choose Limelight Marketing To Build Your WordPress Real Estate Website

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Did you know that there is no certification or professional association overseeing WordPress website developers? Your only defense against a future issue is to choose a company that has experience, a track record, client  testimonials and fair policies that will ensure you are not left “holding the bag”.

The barrier to entry is so low that Limelight has put together this Client WordPress Manifesto that lays out clearly what we will deliver. In particular we would like to reassure Realtors® that Limelight Marketing is the right choice. Download a pdf version by clicking here.

#1 – We Build Real Estate Websites For Realtors®…Almost exclusively

Over the past 15 years we have designed more than 500 websites using the Ubertor and WordPress CMS platforms. We know your business inside and out and we know what your buyers and sellers are looking for when they visit your website. Our designs continually evolve as clients expect new user experiences.

#2 – We Build On The WordPress Platform…The Most Flexible Platform

We actually give our clients the option of using the WordPress or Ubertor Content Management Systems based on your budget and specific needs, but our most amazing real estate websites are built on WordPress. Check out three templates we have designed that we can customize for you at a reasonable cost.

#3 – We Build Real Estate Websites That Are Modern…Because That Is What Separates Your Website From the Others

Just like car models and fashion designs are always changing, website designs change all the time too. Some of this is driven by the upsurge in the use of mobile devices and iPads, sometimes it is a new technique introduced like Parallax or the increase in the use of video. We keep on top of what is “in” and add new techniques as we learn about them or even innovate them. Check out a slide show of some of our recent sites by clicking here or visit our Pinterest page.

#4 – We Add An IDX Feed…So You Can Capture Leads

If you are looking to generate leads from your website you need to provide access to all of the MLS listings in your area. Often we add hundreds of pages for each of the sub-areas and price ranges to improve your search engine results. We use IDX providers like IDXBroker, iHomeFinder, MRP and Clicksold, but can work with any other you choose.

#5 – We Include A Blog…So You Can Get Ranked In Google

This may seem obvious as WordPress sites are technically blog sites, but we make sure there is an actual blog page so you can add content and improve your search engine results. We teach you how to blog effectively or we will blog for you.

#6 -We Develop Mobile Friendly Websites…So People Will Love Your Website on Their iPhone

We have watched the use of mobile devices rise dramatically over the past few years with younger Realtors often getting up to 70% of their visits from mobile devices. We have observed that iPhones and handhelds are often use to find your phone number or email address and iPad users seem to be looking at your listings or looking for a home.

#7 – We Provide Training…So You Don’t Get Lost

To be honest, WordPress sites are marketed as user-friendly and easy to use, but the reality is you want to sell real estate and find homes for buyers and adding “website expert” to your repertoire is a stretch when you are busy. Realistically you will always need help from Limelight or another WordPress Developer as there are going to be some things that are above your pay grade, but we will make sure you know how to edit pages, add pages, add listings and blog posts and if you want to learn more we are only a phone call away.

#8 – We Allow You To Add Or Change Elements…Without Nickel And Diming You

One thing we have learned in 15 years of website designing for Realtors® is our clients often don’t know what they want, but they can definitely tell us what they don’t want after they see it. We price our sites to allow you the flexibility to make changes, move things around and add elements that you might not have thought of originally.

#9 – Our Websites Are Affordable…Because No One Needs A $10,000 Website

Our websites start with a WordPress theme that we purchase for $39.00 to $79.00 and then the fun begins. We choose the theme that is best for the type of website you want to end up with. These themes come out of the box with more bells and whistles and page layout options than you can shake a stick at so it is our responsibility to pare down the options to create the end result. Along the way we do a lot of custom programming to ensure your website is unique. As an option to keep the cost down we have designed three unique templates that are modern, well designed and optimized for search engines. Look like a million bucks for only $1,999.00 and we will customize the site to be unique to you. This package includes a mini-branding package and is the perfect combination to jump start a career or add new life to an established one.

#10 – If You Leave, You Keep Your Content…So You Aren’t Our Hostage

Everything we add to your website is owned by you. If you choose to work with a different company or want to take over control of the content we will work with you to ensure a seamless transition. We will never hold back any assets including content, custom code and photos.

Responsive Websites for Realtors

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On April 21, 2015 Google went public with a change to their algorithm that sent website users into a panic. As of this date it was reported mobile-friendly websites would rank better than non-mobile optimized websites.

According to MOZ a leading source of Google algorithm information “In a rare move, Google pre-announced an algorithm update, telling us that mobile rankings would differ for mobile-friendly sites starting on April 21st. The impact of this update was, in the short-term, much smaller than expected, and our data showed that algorithm flux peaked on April 22nd.”

Regardless, Realtor websites are viewed more often on mobile devices than many industries so a responsive design that renders perfectly on iPads, iPhones and other hand held devices will give a Realtor an advantage.

Since that date Limelight Marketing exclusively designs and publishes Responsive designs using the Ubertor CMS.

Shay Mitchell’s Lifestyle Blog Relaunched By Limelight Marketing

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We are excited to be a part of the successful launch of the new lifestyle blog for Shay Mitchell, the Pretty Little Liars star and Michaela Blaney. Over the past few months we have been working with Shay and Michaela to introduce a new, fresh look. While Shay and Michaela had the vision we had the expertise to bring it to digital reality.

The new look uses a scalable WordPress theme and we added all of the bells and whistles to make it ecommerce ready.  Amore & Vita is the go-to lifestyle, fashion and beauty tip resource for young women.

During a People Magazine Style Watch interview Shay talks about the vision “As for the name, which translates to “love and life,” Mitchell says it was an easy pick. “They’re words I live by. Our site is mostly our experiences continuing along the same vision as the first blog: lifestyle, travel, health, beauty and fashion —[just with a more current, fresher and revamped look,” she says.

“I’m sharing everything, from my experiences sitting at home checking out a new bikini line to having fans weigh in on a red carpet look. I want to get feedback, have help selecting what dress to choose [for an event],” she says. “The clothes we feature won’t be extraordinary — affordable, mix and match of high and low price points.”

Shay Mitchell and Michaela Blaney - Amore and Vita

WordPress Blog For Model Jessica Gomes

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We recently completed a new WordPress blog for seven time Sports Illustrated model Jessica Gomes. Titled Jess Off Duty, Jessica asked us to create a platform for sharing her personal styles, showcasing her daily outfit ideas, and keeping people up to date with her travel, work and interests.

Originally from Perth, Australia, Jessica Gomes is quickly becoming one of modeling’s biggest international faces. Working extensively in Australia and Asia, Gomes has strong followings in Korea, Australia and North America. Gomes has appeared in the 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 editions of the Swimsuit Issue of the American Publication Sports Illustrated and will be in the magazine again in 2014. In 2008, Gomes had surpassed all models of Asian heritage appearing in the Swimsuit Issue.

In March 2013, Gomes was announced as the fashion ambassador for Australian retail giant David Jones Limited, replacing Miranda Kerr. In July 2013, she debuted for Jones on the runway.


WordPress Website for The Acquisition Group

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When we were asked to replace the existing website for The Acquisition Group (TAG) our objective was to create a website that would reflect the personality of the company. They have two audiences; people checking them out to apply for positions they post and business looking to hire TAG for their Direct Marketing, Human Resources, Consulting, Market Research and Advertising and Branding Services.

If you are going to sell these services then your website should be state of the art and convey professionalism. We chose to use a WordPress theme and customized it to incorporate Tag’s branding. During the process TAG completely rewrote their content and it was our job to add it to the website and make it easy for visitors to learn more about the company.

If you or your company is looking for your first website or to upgrade your existing website please contact us to learn more about how WordPress could be the perfect solution.

theacquisitiongroup_com New Website