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5 Marketing Mistakes Realtors® Make

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Making a list of marketing mistakes that Realtors® make was not much different than a list that all businesses are guilty of. The good news is that you can correct or improve in all 5 of these areas without spending any money or even taking a lot of time.

It starts with a plan of the marketing activities for the coming year that will assist you in meeting your financial objectives, help you target your financial and time resources and act as a blueprint for the rest of your career.

A marketing plan defines and prioritizes your target audiences, so you can focus your marketing efforts where they will do the most good. It maps out how you are going to find and attract new clients. It reflects the benefits you offer that will be relevant and appealing to your target audiences. Your positioning is the basis for all your communication materials, advertising and contact points—and it can eliminate inconsistencies in your messaging and materials.

• Write out your marketing plan
• Set marketing goals and objectives i.e. add 4 new prospects to your sphere of influence per month.
• Set aside money for a monthly marketing budget – Start with taking 5% of your past year’s commissions.
• Develop a marketing calendar – a to-do list of all your marketing activities with implementation dates and who’s going to do them.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platforms for Realtors

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There are more CRMs for Realtors than you might expect, but they target different production volumes so you have to know which one is best for your business.  Here is a breakdown of the CRMs and the level of production.

CRM’s for Low Production Agents

Wise Agent


CRM’s for Medium Production Agents


Commissions Inc.


Top Producer

CRM’s for High  Production Agents




Other CRMs to Consider

Less Annoying (Yes that is the name)

The Wise Agent


You can also check out more Realtor CRMs by clicking here or here.

5 Tips For Realtors® Prepping For an Open House

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I hear a lot of negative feedback about the effectiveness of open houses, but it may be the way these clients are approaching them. Are they fully prepared to show the home and demonstrate their knowledge? Because almost every open house visitor is a potential client.

There are 5 main topics of interest for someone visiting an open house.

1) What is the price?

It is easy to rattle off the price, but what if you had comparables with you that you used to establish the asking price. I recommend you make a list of houses in the area in the same price range.

2) How far is it to……? i.e. Schools, shopping, churches, transit, downtown and parks

Be prepared to answer all of these questions. We use Microsoft Streets and Trips to create a map of all of the above items, but you can also print out a map from Google Maps or have it live on your iPad or computer. It would be a good idea to have a list of schools, parks etc to give out.

3) How much are….? i.e Taxes, utilities etc

Make sure you have a current tax report and if the client can tell you what the heating costs are that would help out.

4) Can you tell me about…? Date built, size of lot, how long did the owners live here, why are they moving etc.

Make a list of renovations (improvements) with approximate dates. This list should include brand name appliances, cabinetry, stonework, light fixtures, architectural features, etc.

5) What is the area like?

Have information on the schools in the area, minor league sports teams, community events, the zoning, potential developments, potential improvements in the area.

It is easy to get an aerial view from the website of the city or municipality.

Here is a package of material we prepare for a client for open houses.

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The Top 15 Open House Direct Mail Postcards That Work!

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If you are going to mail out or hand deliver a postcard to announce an open house you should ensure it is as well designed and effective as possible. You want people who receive the card to draw the conclusion that you are great at marketing homes so they may consider using you as their Realtor®.

Check out some of our designs below. Click the icon like the one below for fullscreen.


90 Days To Real Estate Success

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Over the past 16 plus years of working with Realtors® I have been part of and seen dozens of different approaches to starting a career in real estate; some successful and some not. Like any business, the most important things when starting as a Realtor® is to have a marketing plan and a budget. Getting your license is the easy part. Creating a viable, sustainable business is where the hard work is required.

I learned a long time ago that it takes about 90 days for any marketing initiative to bear fruit which means whatever is happening in your business today is the result of what you were working on 90 days ago. With that theory in mind, I think you need 90 days to launch or relaunch a real estate career. It is tempting to try and do everything in the first week, but a measured approach with weekly milestones will ensure you’re not missing any key steps, that you are building towards a goal and you are implementing a plan rather than flying by the seat of your pants.

I compiled ideas from many different sources and added my own experience to create this E-Book titled 90 Days To Real Estate Success. It reflects the measured approach I recommend and while the tasks and events are laid out by week, they are not etched in stone. Use this as a guideline to ensure you lay a strong foundation for your real estate business. If you need some help along the way please call Mike Blaney at 604-618-5512 or 1-800-568-8338.

You can view the E-Book using the flip book viewer below. There is an option to download the pdf, but you can also click here for your own pdf copy.

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Build Your Own Ubertor Website

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We think Limelight is the first company to provide a tool for a Realtor to design and build their own website.  The flip book below displays all of the options for a great website. We actually have a website called Limelight Website Options that is a live display of all of these features and you can actually choose all of the components from the Build Your Own Ubertor Website web page, submit the form, get a Photoshop version of the site emailed to you by the next day and on approval we can have the first reveal of your website to you within 24 hours. Or call us at 604-618-5512 or 1-800-568-8338 and we will walk you through the process.

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Realtor Branding, Marketing Services and Collateral Marketing Material Booklet

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We are very proud of our new booklet featuring our services including Realtor Branding, Marketing Services, Collateral Marketing Material, Blogging and Listing Optimization and want to share it with you. The prices are for budget purposes only as we will provide a firm proposal for services once we learn more about your needs. Call us at 604-618-5512 or 1-800-568-8338 for more information. You can see sample of our branding by clicking here.

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Custom Design Your Ubertor Website and Save!!!

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You can spend hours looking through our websites on Pinterest trying to identify the options you want on your website or you can visit our Limelight Website Options website to review almost every bell and whistle we offer and place your order for a custom design using our Build Your Own Ubertor Website page.

How does it work?

Limelight Starter websites include the standard following features:

  1. A top masthead or header area
  2. Scenic or real estate related banners
  3. Featured Listings
  4. Call to Action buttons linked to the appropriate pages
  5. Testimonial slider
  6. A widget of your choice
  7. Footer

Click here to learn more about our Starter websites. We have 4 examples on this page, but they are more guidelines than fixed templates.

The Process

  1. Select one of our professionally designed headers (The order form can be viewed by clicking here.)
  2. Choose from our rotating banner options
  3. Pick a call to action style to drive prospective customers to become leads
  4. Pick a featured listing style to showcase your listings!
  5. Pick a testimonial style to showcase what your clients are saying
  6. Choose a footer style that will be seen on every page
  7. Select one widget to enhance your websites’ effectiveness
  8. Enter you contact info and submit your selections and leave the work to Limelight.

You can also use our Limelight Website Features site for larger versions of the widgets and features to help in making your choices. Click here to visit the website.

The order form can be viewed by clicking here.

How do you save?

The first 5 orders receive a 15% discount off the $1299.00 price for a savings of $190.85. You pay only $1,104.15.

NEW Virtual Assistant Service For Ubertor Website Users

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Life as a Realtor® means unpredictable demands on your time and a few things can suffer; listings are late getting on your website, they are not optimized, your open house feature sheet is the MLS sheet and your website is out of date and barely ranking in searches.

Over the last 16 years of working with Realtors® we have helped hundreds of clients by providing the following ad hoc services:

  1. Updating their websites with new content and  photos
  2. Creating eye-catching colour feature sheets for open houses
  3. Creating effective Just Listed and Just Sold postcards
  4. Blogging to improve search rankings
  5. Adding listings that are optimized and have a chance of appearing on page 1 of a search for the address

We know these services are so important to your business that we have bundled everything you need into a monthly package that will free you up to do the important things for your clients. None of these plans are cast in stone so we can custom tailor the services to meet your needs.

Some of the services included are:

  • Updating content on your website as required
  • Listing optimization
  • Branded Open House Feature Sheet
  • Real estate blog posts
  • Stylized listing photo for Facebook and Twitter
  • Search result monitoring

Check out a comparison of the three plans we offer by clicking here.

Check out the Basic Plan by clicking here.

Check out the Regular Plan by clicking here.

Check out the Deluxe Plan by clicking here.

To order click here.

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