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By February 4, 2014April 8th, 2019Limelight Team, Ubertor

I had the opportunity to sit down with Mike Blaney of Limelight Marketing last week to discuss his new company, and where he sees technology and Real Estate heading in 2014. A lot of great insight was shared between us. You can find the details of our chat below.

Who makes up the Limelight Marketing team? And what does everyone on the team do?

Limelight Marketing is a team of 3 made up of Mike Blaney, Luica Siplakova and Hanne Nielsen. We all have experience in various facets of the Real Estate industry. Mike brings a strong marketing, SEO and website influence. Hanne, the Creative Director has experience creating collateral marketing material and branding for both Realtors and small businesses. Lucia has extensive experience developing WordPress and Ubertor websites. She brings an understanding of what our clients go through day to day.

Limelight Marketing is essentially a rebranding of the services previously offered by Mike Blaney. We now have a wider degree of experience, and have added additional services. It was evident that my clients needed more help with their marketing and brand so forming a team at Limelight Marketing with different skills is the way we can expand our offerings and provide a more comprehensive solution. Our clients can depend on us as their marketing department, our goal is to bring their ideas to life in a unique and collaborative way.

What does Limelight Marketing team do?

We offer 5 core services:

Website Design and Customization
We specialize in Ubertor websites. Our relationship with Ubertor spans over 10 years. We also update and makeover existing Ubertor websites. Check out our design portfolio here.

SEO for Ubertor websites
Ranking well in major search engines can effect your business immensely. We can help optimize your website to get you to page one. All of our websites are completely optimized, and we offer Guest Blogging services to increase activity to your website.

Branding for Realtors including logos and slogans

Real Estate Marketing
We can help you develop and analyze your marketing strategy. This may include direct mail, info graphics, newspaper ads and everything in between.

Social Media Management
Are you active with social media? We offer design customization of various interfaces. The world is becoming increasingly more interwoven in ways we have yet to realize. With a commitment to digital strategy, we are your brands partner. We constantly strive to create the connections that build your brands reputation.

Why do you do what you do?

We are passionate about the latest technology and design trends. We apply these to our clients marketing strategy and are constantly improving the way we do things. We take pride in the success of our clients and revel in their success.

What is the Limelight Marketing team excited about in 2014?

We are also excited about offering complete branding packages for Realtors. Our portfolio is consistently growing and we’re excited to showcase our work in progress. From an Ubertor perspective we are excited about the new Content Management system that we recently saw demonstrated. We also understand that Ubertor will be adding responsive design and an improved search feature, both of which Ubertor users will benefit from.

Where do you see Real Estate and technology heading in the future?

Smart phones and iPads are changing how people search for homes so we now offer responsive design so our websites reformat themselves automatically to the device or computer screen.

The latest Google algorithm release has changed everything with search and I think will continue to be what defines search in the future. If you are not adapting to the changes your website is going to be left behind and your web marketing will suffer. We see a great opportunity to offer SEO services to Ubertor users that provide organic, sustainable results.

Are there any accomplishments your team is proud of and want to share with our readers?

We have changed our focus from creating attractive websites to creating attractive websites that are marketing tools. We pride ourselves in website design that increases visits, increase visitors time on the site, websites that build trust and then we make it easy to contact the Realtor. Our greatest accomplishment is getting our client’s phones to ring. For example we recently updated and optimized an Ubertor website and our client told us she had received 5 phone calls from her new website in the first month. This is more than she had received in the past few years combined.

Our portfolio of website designs is always changing as client’s challenge us to make their website stand out, but the latest generation is our new signature; clean, easy to navigate, easy for visitors to find listings and highly optimized for search engines. While we are partial to all of our designs the three that stand out as signature websites are, and

Who is your ideal client?

A Realtor that needs a website, would like new branding or to improve their search engine rankings. 95% of our business comes from Realtors from around North America. Our primary business is creating new websites using the Ubertor platform, but we also update and revamp existing Ubertor websites. In the past 12 months we have become the leading search engine optimization service for Ubertor websites and have made a real impact on dozens of client’s search results. Ubertor is the best platform for search engine results and we hope to help many more users in the coming year.

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