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The Most Common SEO Mistakes

By March 17, 2013February 22nd, 2014SEO

One of the primary focuses of any site promotion campaign is website optimization. By optimizing a website we make changes that increase your site ranking with the major search engines. When we take on  a client for SEO services, there are three things we fix before we even think about social media or any other strategy. To improve your lead generation from the Internet you have to have the SEO basics covered. Here are some places to start.

1. Page titles tend to be too long, and often aren’t relevant to the content.

I am not picking on Realtors in particular, but it seems that they are the most guilty of having long titles, and I know why. They want to capture many different areas. But that’s what your inner-pages are for! Your front page title should be short and focused. Google is becoming more “local” over time and if you want to specialize in an area your website needs to focus on a more defined area rather than a region.

2. Descriptions that are way too long, not a sentence or sometimes missing altogether.

Your description should be 155-164 characters, or as close as you can get without going over. There is absolutely no point in having a very long page description. Google isn’t indexing your super-long description anyway, so you might as well pack it in tight. It also serves as a call to action to the reader so it should clearly indicate what that page has to offer.

3. Improper use of heading tags on the home page. A perfectly optimized website uses heading tags.

Not only does it help organize the content for humans, but it helps search engines to understand what your page is about in a common sense fashion. Make sure you only have one tag on your website. Make sure it’s at the top of the page, and make sure it’s an overview of what you do.

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