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Tips On Slogans and Taglines for Realtors

By June 11, 2020June 15th, 2020Branding, Slogans


I know a bit about this topic and have written a number of blog posts on my original blog,  Realtor Marketing and Branding about slogans and taglines that have been read/viewed by more than 283,0o0 people.

Some are a great source of information not covered in this post.

Writing a Slogan or Tag Line

Critiquing Catchy Real Estate Slogans

Creating the Perfect Tagline

Firstly, I believe your slogan either has to be a great one or you are better with none at all. A catchy slogan or tag line does nothing to strengthen your competitive position unless it clarifies your competitive edge.

There are a few basic questions you have to ask yourself when developing or critiquing your own slogan:

• Does it answer the reader’s question about what’s in it for them?
• Does it answer the reader’s question about how this will help them?
• Does it solve a problem the reader might have related to real estate?
• Is it about the reader or about you?

The last piece of advice is never to use an adjective describing a personal trait. Realtors® are all honest, have integrity and should be professional. A prospect wants to know what you can do for them. How will working with you make their life easier? Make the transaction smoother? Or sell their home faster?

Compare these slogans…

• Knowledgeable – Approachable – Trustworthy – Hard Working
• Rock Solid Bridge to Your Dreams
• The Agent with a Heart
• Honesty and integrity…always

…with these more effective ones:

• Anyone can sell your home. I can sell it for more.
• Take the worry out of condo buying. Call the specialist.
• Buying or selling a home doesn’t have to be hard.
• The strength of teamwork…The reputation for results.

Need a slogan?

I will create a tagline/slogan for you. All I need from you is a few minutes of your time to complete a simple questionnaire and I will do the rest. Click here to view the questionnaire.

I will provide about 5 concepts for you to choose from. We will narrow it down to the best 2 and refine those to the point where you can choose the one that fits best. Elapsed time from receipt of the questionnaire from you is less than 72 hours.

The prepaid fee for this service is $ 199.00 payable by credit card. What’s the catch? There is none. If you are not completely satisfied with the results then there is no fee. There is no payment required until you have submitted the questionnaire.

In addition, I can help you integrate your new slogan or tagline into your marketing and if you require a logo, stationery package, website or advertising I can help you there too.

If you have questions please call me, Mike Blaney at 604-618-5512 or toll-free at 800-568-8338 or email me at to get started.