How Many Homeowners Have a ‘Go-To’ Realtor?

Happy Grasshopper, the leader in email marketing for real estate professionals, today announces the results of its 2016 Homeowners Survey to determine how current homeowners find a real estate agent and what type of relationship they prefer to have with them.

  • 49% of homeowners do not have a “go-to” real estate agent.

The survey also revealed homebuyers are using word of mouth to find an agent, with:

  • 51% of buyers connecting with their real estate agents on a referral basis
  • 10% of homebuyers were contacted first by an agent.
  • 70% of homeowners said they did “very little” or “some” research before choosing an agent.

“The study shows a large percentage of the market is up for grabs, not only because many homeowners do not have a preferred agent, but also the fact that most homeowners aren’t doing heavy research before hiring one,” said Dan Stewart, CEO and co-founder of Happy Grasshopper. “This suggests communication initiated by an agent might be enough to turn a lead into a sale, even if it takes years before the client is ready to buy or sell. Agents are missing opportunities to cultivate relationships with past and potential clients so when it is time to move, they know who to call.”

  • 36% of homeowners find it beneficial to receive communication from an agent, such as market listings and open houses in their neighborhoods, even when the homeowner isn’t looking to buy or sell.
  • 40% of homeowners are in favor of receiving more than just information on the housing market, including home upkeep topics and happenings in a neighborhood.
  • 19% of homeowners say they actually receive that communication. The preferred method of communication is email. Homeowners overwhelmingly said they preferred email over text message, phone and social media communication.