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Top 10 Social Media Tips for Small Businesses From Hootsuite

By Social Media

Social media is an important aspect of promoting your small business. In order to set up an effective marketing strategy, a basic understanding of the relationship between business and social media is needed. Hootsuite helps you expand your presence quickly. Engage frequently and share links to useful and engaging content to maximize influence.

Our friends at Hootsuite have written an ebook on the Top 10 Social Media Tips for Small Businesses:

  1. Use social media to sell your product
  2. Join Twitter
  3. Increase Twitter followers
  4. Build relationships by following back
  5. Figure out the number of tweets per day
  6. Tweet at optimal times
  7. Join LinkedIn
  8. LinkedIn company pages vs LinkedIn profiles
  9. Share engaging content on your Facebook page
  10. Post appropriate content

Setting up a Hootsuite account is part of our Social Media service. Hootsuite is a Social Media Management System. It helps you keep track and manage your all of your social network channels. It helps you to monitor what people are saying about your brand and enables you to respond instantly. You can view streams from multiple networks such as Facebook, Linkedin Twitter and Google+ and post updates or reply directly. With so many networks for businesses to manage, it’s no doubt Social Media Management tools like Hootsuite have become so popular and relied upon by many leading companies worldwide. Check out our Social Media Customization Service by clicking here.

Top 5 Reasons to use Hootsuite to manage your Social Media

  • 1. Moniter multiple platforms in one place
  • 2. Customer service management
  • 3. Free reports by email
  • 4. Cross posting between different platforms
  • 5. Available on iPhone and Android

Social Media Customization Service from Limelight Marketing

By Social Media

Social media is here to stay and will always play a part in your overall marketing efforts. Initially pundits thought Social Media would replace some traditional mediums, but as the years have gone by it is apparent that Social Media is just another part of your overall marketing mix. How you choose to utilize it is dependent on your industry, your market and to some degree your skill set.

Just like you have experts create your websites, marketing material and advertising you need an expert to advise you on your Social Media. We have combined our years of Social Media experience and success and created a customization package for both users with no Social Media in place and seasoned veterans who recognize that having their brand consistent across all of their platforms, while balancing the nuances of the specific platforms also impacts their ROI. Our customization service includes the set-up and or branding of your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin accounts.

View a sample project for a client that had a personal Facebook page and a Linkedin account, but wanted her online presence to convey her new business venture when people searched for her name. Click here to view the project.


  • Custom profile picture and banner image using existing branding
  • 3 Facebook posts to engage using links to site
  • Customer engagement for following post (up to a week)


  • Custom profile picture and banner image using existing branding
  • Will follow 10 industry related users
  • 3 tweets to engage using links back to site


  • Set up Google+ Account
  • Add custom banner
  • Share 3 posts
  • Follow 10 industry related users


  • Profile setup for company (or person)
  • Add profile photo
  • Link to 10 industry related users

We will even set up a Hootsuite account to consolidate all of your Social Media in one place making it easy to track activity and participate in the conversation.

New Ubertor Website Design – Bernadette Dunnigan

By Ubertor, Website Design

This is a new website we designed for Bernadette Dunnigan a Realtor in North Vancouver. It uses the Ubertor Content Management System.

The website is designed to be a resource for buyers looking for home in the Edgemont Village area or by price range throughout North and West Vancouver.

The Javascript banners display featured properties and allow visitors to click to the home they are interested in or the page they came to view. There are four featured properties on the home page and convenient Call to Action buttons to guide visitors to the main pages.

If you are interested in a new or redesigned website please call us at 604-618-5512 or 800-568-8338.

Visit Website

Ubertor Website Design – Hamre Real Estate Team

By Ubertor, Website Design

When Steve, Greg and Shirley Hamre contacted us about updating and redesigning their Ubertor website with a new design we were flattered. The Hamre real estate team has invested more time and effort into their website than any other client we have worked with and we were not sure how they would react to the new, clean, easy to navigate, contemporary look we were proposing.

As it turns out there was nothing to worry about. The reaction was great! We analyzed what visitors did when they came to the old website and made sure the new website accommodated their habits. The Javascript banners which display on Apple devices have captions and are clickable to take visitors to the page they want. There are 6 Call to action icons and we have featured four listings on the home page.

Video is a big part of the Hamre marketing program so we feature the most recent video on the home page.  Side menus were added on many of the pages to make it easy for visitors to click through different topics. The new website retains the RE/MAX look while still reflecting the Hamre brand.

Hamre Real Estate Team Website



Spotlight on Ubertor Websites – Ubertor Blog

By Limelight Team, Ubertor

I had the opportunity to sit down with Mike Blaney of Limelight Marketing last week to discuss his new company, and where he sees technology and Real Estate heading in 2014. A lot of great insight was shared between us. You can find the details of our chat below.

Who makes up the Limelight Marketing team? And what does everyone on the team do?

Limelight Marketing is a team of 3 made up of Mike Blaney, Luica Siplakova and Hanne Nielsen. We all have experience in various facets of the Real Estate industry. Mike brings a strong marketing, SEO and website influence. Hanne, the Creative Director has experience creating collateral marketing material and branding for both Realtors and small businesses. Lucia has extensive experience developing WordPress and Ubertor websites. She brings an understanding of what our clients go through day to day.

Limelight Marketing is essentially a rebranding of the services previously offered by Mike Blaney. We now have a wider degree of experience, and have added additional services. It was evident that my clients needed more help with their marketing and brand so forming a team at Limelight Marketing with different skills is the way we can expand our offerings and provide a more comprehensive solution. Our clients can depend on us as their marketing department, our goal is to bring their ideas to life in a unique and collaborative way.

What does Limelight Marketing team do?

We offer 5 core services:

Website Design and Customization
We specialize in Ubertor websites. Our relationship with Ubertor spans over 10 years. We also update and makeover existing Ubertor websites. Check out our design portfolio here.

SEO for Ubertor websites
Ranking well in major search engines can effect your business immensely. We can help optimize your website to get you to page one. All of our websites are completely optimized, and we offer Guest Blogging services to increase activity to your website.

Branding for Realtors including logos and slogans

Real Estate Marketing
We can help you develop and analyze your marketing strategy. This may include direct mail, info graphics, newspaper ads and everything in between.

Social Media Management
Are you active with social media? We offer design customization of various interfaces. The world is becoming increasingly more interwoven in ways we have yet to realize. With a commitment to digital strategy, we are your brands partner. We constantly strive to create the connections that build your brands reputation.

Why do you do what you do?

We are passionate about the latest technology and design trends. We apply these to our clients marketing strategy and are constantly improving the way we do things. We take pride in the success of our clients and revel in their success.

What is the Limelight Marketing team excited about in 2014?

We are also excited about offering complete branding packages for Realtors. Our portfolio is consistently growing and we’re excited to showcase our work in progress. From an Ubertor perspective we are excited about the new Content Management system that we recently saw demonstrated. We also understand that Ubertor will be adding responsive design and an improved search feature, both of which Ubertor users will benefit from.

Where do you see Real Estate and technology heading in the future?

Smart phones and iPads are changing how people search for homes so we now offer responsive design so our websites reformat themselves automatically to the device or computer screen.

The latest Google algorithm release has changed everything with search and I think will continue to be what defines search in the future. If you are not adapting to the changes your website is going to be left behind and your web marketing will suffer. We see a great opportunity to offer SEO services to Ubertor users that provide organic, sustainable results.

Are there any accomplishments your team is proud of and want to share with our readers?

We have changed our focus from creating attractive websites to creating attractive websites that are marketing tools. We pride ourselves in website design that increases visits, increase visitors time on the site, websites that build trust and then we make it easy to contact the Realtor. Our greatest accomplishment is getting our client’s phones to ring. For example we recently updated and optimized an Ubertor website and our client told us she had received 5 phone calls from her new website in the first month. This is more than she had received in the past few years combined.

Our portfolio of website designs is always changing as client’s challenge us to make their website stand out, but the latest generation is our new signature; clean, easy to navigate, easy for visitors to find listings and highly optimized for search engines. While we are partial to all of our designs the three that stand out as signature websites are, and

Who is your ideal client?

A Realtor that needs a website, would like new branding or to improve their search engine rankings. 95% of our business comes from Realtors from around North America. Our primary business is creating new websites using the Ubertor platform, but we also update and revamp existing Ubertor websites. In the past 12 months we have become the leading search engine optimization service for Ubertor websites and have made a real impact on dozens of client’s search results. Ubertor is the best platform for search engine results and we hope to help many more users in the coming year.

Check out the Ubertor websites blog feature here

The Importance of SEO for Small Business

By SEO, Uncategorized

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is essentially about making your website easy for both users and search engine robots to understand. Although search engines have become increasingly sophisticated we have had success raising small businesses and Realtors search results online by a combination of ‘White Hat’ techniques and guest blogging. SEO helps the engines figure out what each page is about and how it may be useful for users.

Ranking better on Google directly impacts your sales and increases website traffic. Consumers are making their purchase decisions online.

Learn more about the services we offer by clicking here. You can also read more about our Guest Blogging services by clicking here.

Wondering If Forms Work on a Website?

By Uncategorized

Recently we have been adding “Call To Action” forms on most pages of a website as you never know when a visitor will have the urge to ask a question.

Do they work? Yes if you follow the research in the infographic below. This was developed by Lisa Margetis of a pioneer in cloud computing. Click here to visit their website.

The number of fields, wording and the info you share all impact the success of converting visitors to clients.

contact form Infographic

How to Use Your Sphere of Influence to Improve Your Business

By Marketing Strategy

Paper PeopleYour sphere of influence can be the greatest source of referrals and repeat business. Why are avoiding marketing to your raving fans?

Here are some steps to get back on track:

1) Take a look at your list and revisit why they are on the list. Reflect on where you met them and why they are on the list. Then grade them:

A= Likely to refer to you
B= Needs a little more contact with you and then they would refer to you
C= Questionable
D= Delete

2) “Touch” Your Sphere Each Month or On a Regular Basis

There are many ways to “touch” your sphere depending on your business and your budget.

  1. Mail a letter
  2. Phone them
  3. Email a newsletter
  4. Mail a note card
  5. Mail a newsletter

3) Keeping in Touch Does Not Make You a Bad Person

There is a natural barrier to keeping in touch. We feel like we are imposing on them or wasting their time, but that is the wrong way to think. Successful sales people are givers. We are not imposing we are giving them information. It is often referred to as “Give to Get” marketing. If you send market information or call a past client you are giving them something. Maybe you are just listening to their problems, but they appreciate you are giving your time.

Your sphere of influence sees your “touches” as giving something to them and it it makes them open to giving back to you.

4) Relax. No One is Keeping Score

Don’t create an unrealistic timetable that will stress you out. Whatever you do should be sustainable. A Christmas card once a year may be all you can do. If you can add in a quarterly newsletter that would be great. If you could call 2 past clients a week even better. Create a keep in touch program that fits your budget, your personality and your schedule.

5) Spend a Proportional Amount of Time to the Business You Receive

Look at your sales this past year and determine how much business comes from people you know and people who are referred to you. If it is 80% of your business spend 80% of your time, effort and marketing budget accordingly. It is fun to attract new clients and necessary to build your business, but it is expensive, hard to track results and takes time away from your raving fans.

Give us a call about client contact, client retention and prospecting programs. 800-568-8338

Google Hummingbird Release – Game Changer for SEO

By Uncategorized

Hummingbird SEO ChangesThis is an excerpt from the website which is an excellent source of search information.

“Hummingbird” is the name of the new search algorithm that Google is using as of September 2013, the name comes from being “precise and fast” and is designed to better focus on the meaning behind the words.

Hummingbird is paying more attention to each word in a query, ensuring that the whole query — the whole sentence or conversation or meaning — is taken into account, rather than particular words. The goal is that pages matching the meaning do better, rather than pages matching just a few words.

Google Hummingbird is designed to apply the meaning technology to billions of pages from across the web, in addition to Knowledge Graph facts, which may bring back better results.

What does this mean to you? To say it is a game changer is an understatement. The websites that respond to the change will definitely rise in the rankings so that only leaves the other ones the option of falling in the search results.

How are we responding to Hummingbird? In some ways it is business as usual as we have always created websites that provide useful, topical information to visitors in context, but we are more focused on adding original content throughout a website that reflects the type of search term we are hoping to rank for. For example if you are a Realtor and you want to rank well for the search term “Edgemont Village Homes For Sale” then we make sure the content of your website is related to the area and makes your website authoritative.

In a recent tweet we said “If you optimize an Ubertor website for visitors, there’s almost no chance that a Google algorithm update will penalize you. We do SEO right!”

Marketing Strategy Checklist

By Marketing Strategy

A good marketing strategy provides specific goals and can include:

  • a description of the key target buyer/end user
  • competitive market segments the company will compete in
  • distribution channels
  • the unique positioning of the company and its products versus the competition
  • the reasons why it is unique or compelling to buyers
  • price strategy versus competition
  • marketing spending strategy with advertising and promotion
  • possible research and development
  • market research expenditure strategies

An overall company marketing strategy should also:

  • define the business
  • position the business as a leader, challenger, follower, or niche player in the category
  • define the brand or business personality or image that is desired in the minds of buyers and end users
  • define life cycle influences, if applicable